Merchant Advantage

Peace of Mind. For only $14.95 per month*..

Wouldn't it be great to never have any down time or unexpected costs associated with your terminal?
Well, now you won't.

Overnight replacement of defective terminals

Even with normal usage, point-of sale terminals can break down or fail, leaving you unable to accept card payments.

Merchant Advantage minimizes interruptions in processing due to the failure of equipment used on our processing systems, for any reason, by offering overnight delivery of replacement equipment and pickup of the existing non-working equipment (a $99 value), after remote troubleshooting efforts are unsuccessful.

Replacement equipment may be new or refurbished, or a different brand or model. This includes equipment swaps that do not belong to us. Under these circumstances, a signed Placement Form will be required. Limited to four replacements in any consecutive twelve month period.

Terminal paper receipt rolls when you need them

Our terminal supply program eliminates the hassles associated with ordering point-of-sale terminal equipment supplies, so you'll never have to worry about running out of receipt paper rolls again or making a special trip to an office supply store.

Our supply packages will be shipped directly to you, at no additional charge!

Access your accounts online -- anytime

Managing your account has never been easier with our online access service. We provide you with instant access to transaction data at your convenience, 24/7. By logging in to your account through our web-based reporting tool, you can view transactions by card type, review daily deposits details for month-to-date reconciliation, get notified of retrival requests and chargebacks, generate statements when you need them and access various account reports.

If you don't need the full Merchant Advantage program, but would like to have a robust online access service, switch to Online Advantage.

Please note that any merchant may choose to opt out of Merchant Advantage. Merchants opting out in the first three months of processing before using any Merchant Advantage services will not be charged. However, merchants that do opt out will pay $99 for shipping/handling fees on future equipment swaps and will no longer have access to our online reporting system. In addition, merchants that opt out will not be eligible to re-enroll in Merchant Advantage for a period of six months.

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* add $4.95/month per additional terminal

POS Terminal: Hypercom Optimum T4100